EXCITING NEWS! Jade Alyse Writes has a new home! Check it out and bookmark!



As much as it pains me to leave WordPress after 2 years of sharing my writing with you all, I’ve created a new home elsewhere! My new home: (www.jadealysewrites.com / jadealysewrites.squarespace.com) will not only feature a blog, but you will be able to purchase my books directly from the site! Designed by the very talented Darin Michelle (see: darinmichelle.com), my site features a fresh logo, smoother, user-friendly navigation, and an aesthetically far more pleasing appearance.  

I want to sincerely thank every single last one of my supporters and readers.  Ever since I started this journey almost 3 years ago, I have relied on the support and love from not only those who know me best, but for each and every new reader who connects with me and my craft in some way.  Your emails, comments, and reviews have meant the world to a lowly independent author like me. I am so excited for what 2014 has in store!

Be on the lookout for The Great Trees Fall, the final book in the When You Come to Me series.  And if you haven’t already, checked out my Facebook page, to “LIKE”, share your comments, ask questions, connect with other readers, etc.

And never forget that I’m always here to chat!

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