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Why Should You Care About Me?

Jade Alyse was thrust into a world of colorful literature at a very early age, pouring through her mother’s extensive book collection, absorbing and succumbing to the magic that it possessed. 

Born in the sleepy, comfortable southern town of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, to two young African-American professionals in the mid-eighties, Jade developed an amorous affection for family and the cultural ideals that were instilled in her at a very early age. High-spirited, pensive and observant, Jade’s fascination surrounded the engaging dynamic between two people, and the entrancing beauty of a southern atmosphere. Her writing has most frequently been described as vivid and illustrative and readers have been lulled into the picture she paints with each word.

Jade can be seen most often with a notebook and pen in her grasp, jotting down phrases and ideas and names. She takes these and pulls them into a vibrant semblance of congruency. Even when she is not working on a novel or short story, she is always writing, always vigilant.

Jade completed her first novel, When You Come to Me, in the winter of 2007 and it was most recently published this summer. It highlights the trials and tribulations of an interracial couple attempting to exist in a small, collegiate Georgian town. Jade Phillips’ first short story, Rusted Halo, was selected for presentation at the Creative Writing Workshop Weekend at California State University Fullerton in November of 2010.

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