Skin Like Dawn: Sequel to When You Come to Me



Dreams are ruthlessly shattered and truths become commonplace in this follow up to 2011’s When You Come to Me.

With the prospect of becoming the successful and nurturing pediatrician vehemently tossed out of the window with the announcement of her unexpected pregnancy, Natalie must face the fact that she is now a married woman, and must sacrifice her happiness for the sake of Brandon’s and the growing baby inside her.  With resources scarce and time fleeting, Brandon makes the ridiculous leap across the country, to accept a loftier position in Portland, Oregon…without telling Natalie.  Brandon then becomes controlling, forcefully suggesting to his new bride, that her place is in the home, where he knows she’s safe in a new city.  Resentful and jaded by her husband’s alternative brand of protection, Natalie rebels in a fashion that no one could ever see coming, and a wealthy young socialite with a womanizing reputation soon occupies her well-placed tunnel vision.

Set for release on August 15th, Natalie must soon decide her own fate, resulting in an ending damaging enough to change the course of Brandon and Natalie’s lives forever.

14 thoughts on “Skin Like Dawn: Sequel to When You Come to Me

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  2. I absolutely loved When You Come to Me, it was well written. I was so invested in Natalie and Brandon that I never wanted it to end. I am ecstatic that there is a sequel and can’t wait to read it.

    • Thank you so much, Janell! It is perhaps my most favorite story, and I love writing about them! I’m just as excited about Skin Like Dawn as you are! I can’t wait to share it with everyone 🙂

      PLEASE feel free to tell your friends and leave reviews!

      Thank you sooo much for reading!

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  4. OMG I loved it. I literally just finished the book and had to make sure that there was going to be another.I just read the synopsis of the sequel and if Natalie and Brandon don’t stay together please change it now. PLEASE!! Great writing. Can’t wait to read your other books.

    • Hi Jonnita!

      Thank you sooo much for reading. “Skin Like Dawn” will take readers and admirers of Brandon and Natalie by surprise (but in a good way, I hope). I can’t wait till August 15th. If you have any other questions, please let me know 🙂

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