20 Books You Should Read in Your 20s

20 Books You Should Read in Your 20s

When you’re twenty-something, you’re doing a lot of changing, a lot of growing and learning. You’re setting a foundation for your life and these are the books that will make you think. These are 20 books that will open your mind and change you. They will inspire and make you laugh, and some will make you cry. There’s something for everyone on this lis,t but honorable mention goes to The Complete Works of Shakespeare – which didn’t make the list because you all should be smart enough to read that without being told. I can’t do everything for you guys! So, take a look at the 20 books you should read in your twenties.
Read more at /list/20-books-you-should-read-in-your-20_s/nicolebreanne#LlQ30kAR0htqjpo2.99

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