10 Beautiful Ways to Decorate with Books

10 Beautiful Ways to Decorate with Books

Did you know that having books in your home is the key predictor of your child’s academic success?

It’s not even reading to them, not fighting the other parents to get your little precious into the Ivy-league tracked preschool, just having lots of books. Books matter more than if the parents attended college. Don’t blame the messenger; I’m really only talking about decorating with books today. I just wanted to poke some fun at all the helicopter parents out there worried about the precious child not succeeding in life if he doesn’t go on an archaeological dig and speak Mandarin before the age of 3. Heh. Here’s the study link.

You still with me? Good. Now let’s talk decorating with books.

How about going out into the garage, down into the basement, or up into your attic and grab a dusty box of books? Those books that have been long ignored but you just can’t bear to give away? Spend a bit of time reintroducing them to your life and strewing them about your home:  stack some on your coffee table, elevate a vase by putting a couple underneath, display a few in an unexpected place.

Pour some tea, grab a great book and pat yourself on the back.

Oh, what’s that? Need some design inspiration? So glad you asked…here you go!



We all have a million excellent ideas for stories, but, without fail, they magically disappear the minute we sit down to write. It seems impossible, but it happens constantly. Hours are wasted staring at a blank page. And, no matter how many cups of coffee are in our systems, we still can’t find the energy to kick our muses into gear and develop story ideas.

Source: Writer’s Digest

Today Marks One Year Since My First Book, “When You Come to Me” was Published!

Since then, more than 1,500 copies have been sold/downloaded. I can’t believe the amount and support and love I’ve received this past year.  It only makes me want to keep going.

If you haven’t read it yet, it’s now available on the iBookstore for free Here’s a downloadable PDF as well 🙂

This story will always be very near and dear to my heart and you guys have made it all the more worthwhile :).

Have You Added One of My Books to Your Summer Reading List Yet?



Tritely put, the summer season is probably one of the best times to catch up on reading.  There’s just something about the balmy heat and the breeze sweeping across our faces that lulls us into succumbing to our own imaginations. And what better way is there than to pick up a good book and get lost in it?

June 1st will mark one year since my first book was published.  Since then, I’ve managed to release 4 more publications, all of which have sold over 100 copies each.  For an independent author, that’s more than I could have ever dreamed.

This comes as no surprise that I love to write. But what excites me more is someone reading what I’ve written and loving it.  So, as I meticulously compose The Trail’s End and form it for its release this fall, I want people to read my work, get lost in the words, the characters, learn about my inspiration.

Add these to your summer reading list – you won’t be disappointed 🙂