The 1st draft is almost complete! My third novel, Skin Like Dawn, is on its way!

The 1st draft is almost complete! My third novel, Skin Like Dawn, is on its way!

Ask any one of my friends and they’ll be the first to tell you that I’ve been on a roll the past couple of weeks! With the aid of my beta readers, a crisp glass of white wine and some very soothing music, I’ve cranked out at least fifty pages in the past few days, putting me way beyond my goal for this time of year. Soon, I will be editing and formatting frantically to get it ready for you guys. I cannot wait to share this with you. It will excite some and disappoint others, but I’ve opted for a realistic approach that any couple worth something will experience in their mid to late 20s.

Thank you for your continued support. You have no idea how much it means to me!

Check out my new Facebook page for “Skin Like Dawn”! Coming August 15th! :)

Check out my new page for “Skin Like Dawn”! Coming August 15th! 🙂



Promo for the sequel to my first novel “When You Come to Me” is finally underway.  In the midst of wrapping up the first draft, and editing till sunrise, I have to remember to tell you guys about my progress and what to expect!  It will be distributed to all of the major retailers: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBookstore.  And a couple more in between.  I sincerely want to thank all of my friends who have taken a part in helping me with the story and fact-checking and such.  Some of them know the story and its characters just as well as I do!  

I can’t wait to share the book with everyone!  I really hope you enjoy it! 

And as always, please share this book (and my others, of course) with your friends and family.  Word-of-mouth is a timeless and effective medium for marketing.  

If you haven’t read my first book, When You Come to Me, please check it out here: