It’s not an illusion: March 9, 2015 is the new release date for “The Great Trees Fall”! Here’s why…

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March 9, 2015


As most of you know already, my latest project The Great Trees Fall did not come out on September 10th.  If you don’t know why, here’s my reasoning.

With that being said, however, many of you have been waiting ever-so-patiently for a new release date. I’ve promised you so many times. I’ve even posted a couple of snippets to tease you.

While the date you see above seems ridiculously far out, and inconceivable, it suits me just fine. This book is being dedicated to the 4 most important women in my life: my mama, my maternal grandmother (you remember Natalie’s grandma Marie Chandler…welp!), my baby sister, and my late aunt (who actually passed away on March 9, 2013).  This final book in the When You Come to Me series is more than concluding Brandon and Natalie’s tale.  It’s about the bounty of tough choices women have to make throughout their lives: whether it be our careers, our men, and something as difficult as when we should opt to use our hearts over our good sense.  It’s about self-discovery and finding peace after difficult chapters in our lives, and where we should seek comfort, and how we solidify our strength.

The date not only commemorates my late aunt, but her literary influence on my life, as well as the other women who give me strength and life daily.

Have no fear, readers. This date is staying, no matter what my life brings!

I thank each of you for sticking with me, and sharing your own stories with me.

The Great Trees Fall

The Great Trees Fall


A New Release Date for My Book Will Be Announced This Week! I Hope You’re Still Just as Excited as I Am!


By now, I hope you’ve read the sample chapters I posted this time last week and have passed them along to all of your book loving friends? Not there yet? Check them out below.

In the meantime, stay tuned for a new release date, and thank you for sticking with me. You have no idea how much it means!


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READ: A Sample Chapter from My Upcoming Book, “The Great Trees Fall”


Hello Again, Readers!
I’m in a good place right now.  My direction for this latest project has been re-invigorated, and I’m writing like crazy.  For all your patience and kind words, I not only thank you, but I’ll share a chapter with you.  Take a gander below.
I’ll also (hopefully) be releasing a new date for the book very soon.  And by soon, I mean in the next few days or so.
Thanks for sticking with me through this whole process.  You have no idea what it means.
If you like what you’ve read from me so far, please do me a solid and share with your friends.
It would mean the world to me!

READ: Howl at the Moon Chapter

READ: An Excerpt from My Upcoming Book, “The Great Trees Fall” Now

the great trees fall

Hi Readers!

Since September 10th, has come and gone, I’ve gotten a few emails from people notifying me that they can’t locate the book on any book distributor’s website.  There’s a reason for that, which can be found here.

In the meantime, I promised you guys a snippet of what’s to come.  While I work diligently, making the last book in the When You Come to Me series what I believe it should be, you can read a tinge of what’s going on below.  As always, if you have any questions or want to chat, I’m available!

Take a read and let me know your thoughts! I cannot wait to share the final product with you all.

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Changes Happen, and So Does the Inspiration






To put it simply, this year came so quickly, and so much occurred. This summer alone, I was able to live in London, I managed to fall in love, and I vacationed in the Bahamas, all while maintaining a full-time job, which, consequently, did not involve writing this novel.  

I sincerely appreciate all of those loyal readers who have reached out to me to check on the progress of the book.  But it wasn’t at a place that I felt comfortable sharing with you all.  So, I made the tough decision to delay the release and focus on making the book truly what I think it should be.  Brandon and Natalie deserve the best type of conclusion to their story, and I want to devote the time to giving it to them.  With that being said, I will release a new date for the book soon.  It is my hope that when it’s finally released, you’ll understand why I wanted to devote as much time, heart, and attention to the project as possible. 

In the meantime, stay tuned for a snippet. It’s the least I can do 🙂 


September 10th:

The When You Come to Me Trilogy

Are You as Ready for September 10th as I Am?


The release of The Great Trees Fall on September 10th marks the end of Brandon and Natalie’s story, and I’m sure you guys are already aware of how excited I am!

In tandem with the release of The Great Trees Fall, I will release each book as part of one series so it’ll be much easier for readers to move from one book to the next.

If you haven’t read TGTF’s predecessor’s When You Come to Me & Skin Like Dawn, read them now. If you have, first and foremost thank you; secondly, please share with your friends!

Stay tuned 🙂

Are You as Ready for September 10th as I Am?

Check Out the Revamped Cover for “When You Come to Me”

Hello Readers!

I hope you had a wonderful day!

So, in light of the final book in the series coming out later this year, me & the designer Darin Michelle started an initiative to revamp the previous 2 covers, in order to make the series more aesthetically cohesive. Needless to say, I’m happy with the results! Darin Michelle has done it again!

And don’t worry, Skin Like Dawn will follow!

What do you think?