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I had someone come up to me while visiting friends in Maryland this weekend and say, “I knew you wrote, but I didn’t know you were an actual writer”.  That was unbelievably flattering.  For the past year and a half, I have been patiently building a small empire of sorts.  I want to be a writer, I know where my future lies, I know what I want.  To hear someone say that they’ve read something I wrote and actually enjoyed it is music to my ears.

I’ve been doing a lot of writing lately. Blame it on the lovely weather we’re having in North Carolina, my positive outlook on life, or all of the inspiration that surrounds me on a daily basis.

And I have something else very exciting to share with you all!  I’ve been developing this since the summertime, when I took a graduate poetry class at North Carolina State University (my alma mater).  I’ve been developing an entirely new way of looking at my writing, and I’ve investigated ways in which I could incorporate a new angle: magic realism and surrealism.   I’ve studied Chilean writers like Neruda and Allende for many years and wondered how their brains worked, how they cultivated these visions into words.

And do you remember that grungy rock band, Nirvana? While Kurt Cobain admittedly creeped me out as a kid in the ’90s, I was always drawn to the song, “Where Did You Sleep Last?”.  The macabre tonality of it mixed with Cobain’s eerie, I-see-a-bright-tunnel-of-light-ahead-of-me voice, immediately made me think of decay, heat and death.  I did a little research to discover that it was actually a remake of a 1917 recording called “In the Pines” sung by a black musician named Lead Belly.  Being the history buff and research enthusiast that I am, I dug a little deeper to discover that the song dates back to the 1870s, believed to be of Southern Appalachian origin.

Cool, right?

Without further delay, I’m introducing yet another short story for my growing repertoire, appropriately entitled “Specter”.  Without giving too much away, imagine an failed writer suffering from delusions and heartbreak, a old plantation reformed into a hotel, and a pretty, young stranger who doesn’t remember who she is.  

Aren’t sufficiently creeped out yet?  Check out these lyrics, and the accompanying music provided below.

I can’t wait to share this with you guys! 🙂

“Black girl, black girl, don’t lie to me
Where did you stay last night?
I stayed in the pines where the sun never shines
And shivered when the cold wind blows”

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As you can tell I’m pretty happy about it! I cannot describe how incredible it feels to see such a small project balloon into something that several people have enjoyed.  I definitely love the direction I went in with this particular story, and I intend on writing things like this in the near future.

For a limited time, I am offering this story for free.  Please share it with your friends and fellow book lovers!

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Check out my radio interview with Ladies Unscripted on Blog Talk Radio!


Check out my radio interview with Ladies Unscripted on Blog Talk Radio!

From time to time, Ladies Unscripted will feature a young and successful African American talent on the rise.  This week is dedicated to author, Jade Alyse. 

Check out my first radio interview, where I discuss my books, interracial dating and what inspires me 🙂

Have You Added One of My Books to Your Summer Reading List Yet?



Tritely put, the summer season is probably one of the best times to catch up on reading.  There’s just something about the balmy heat and the breeze sweeping across our faces that lulls us into succumbing to our own imaginations. And what better way is there than to pick up a good book and get lost in it?

June 1st will mark one year since my first book was published.  Since then, I’ve managed to release 4 more publications, all of which have sold over 100 copies each.  For an independent author, that’s more than I could have ever dreamed.

This comes as no surprise that I love to write. But what excites me more is someone reading what I’ve written and loving it.  So, as I meticulously compose The Trail’s End and form it for its release this fall, I want people to read my work, get lost in the words, the characters, learn about my inspiration.

Add these to your summer reading list – you won’t be disappointed 🙂


PREVIEW, PURCHASE & READ: Rusted Halo – A Short Story by Jade Alyse


With this one, I constantly emphasized the fact that this is two years in the making.

This is no exaggeration.

I watched a movie about dueling women, both beautiful, both physically attractive, one inferior to the other.  The inferior woman felt it necessary to finally steal the one thing that the more “powerful” woman could never get: the first night with the man they both admired.

Of course this film took place in ancient India and a lot of what goes on between women when it comes to one man is not nearly as stealthy or classy.

So, I was driving around one hot summer night, and the idea came to me piece by piece: wedding. Two sisters. One man. An intelligible brawl. A mysterious family.

Of course it all sounds like a tawdry soap opera at first glance, so I added another element: I wanted it to be told from the perspective of a young, innocent boy…who’s voluntarily mute.

It started coming together in a frame narrative, but I never could get the ending right.

It was even selected for presentation at a Creative Writing Workshop in California – but I didn’t go. I was afraid.

So here I am, two years later, with a preview and links to where you can purchase the whole thing.

I’d loved it since day one – my hope today is that you will too.

All the best,

J. Alyse

Download and Preview Rusted HaloRusted Halo Preview

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