Changes Happen, and So Does the Inspiration






To put it simply, this year came so quickly, and so much occurred. This summer alone, I was able to live in London, I managed to fall in love, and I vacationed in the Bahamas, all while maintaining a full-time job, which, consequently, did not involve writing this novel.  

I sincerely appreciate all of those loyal readers who have reached out to me to check on the progress of the book.  But it wasn’t at a place that I felt comfortable sharing with you all.  So, I made the tough decision to delay the release and focus on making the book truly what I think it should be.  Brandon and Natalie deserve the best type of conclusion to their story, and I want to devote the time to giving it to them.  With that being said, I will release a new date for the book soon.  It is my hope that when it’s finally released, you’ll understand why I wanted to devote as much time, heart, and attention to the project as possible. 

In the meantime, stay tuned for a snippet. It’s the least I can do 🙂 


3 thoughts on “Changes Happen, and So Does the Inspiration

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