While I’m Not Really a Fan of Cooler Weather, I’ll Be Pretty Busy This Fall! Here’s a Big Reason Why…

I’ve only briefly mentioned the 3rd addition to the When You Come to Me series entitled, The Great Trees Fall. But now that a month has passed and Skin Like Dawn is doing so well, I thought it a great time to let you know that I’ve already broken ground on the new book, and hope to have it out by early next year (hint: I’m thinking February/March). My outline is written, and I’ve already had it “approved” by a couple of my close, personal friends, and the first chapter is almost complete. This book will be told from four different perspectives: Natalie, Brandon, Asha and Bellamy. That way, you’ll get a sense of everyone’s feelings, regarding the situation, and won’t get bogged down on one character’s neuroses.

I’ve noticed that a couple of you guys have already started searching for the new book. That makes a girl feel great! I have a muralist located in Los Angeles, working diligently on a sketch of the cover, and I hope to share that with you guys in the next couple of months. He’s extremely talented, and I know that he’ll do wonders for the cover that I’ve imagined.

I’ll be creating a page for The Great Trees Fall in the next couple of days, so you guys (you wonderful readers and devotees of Brandon and Natalie’s Story) can keep up to date with my progress.

Thank you guys so much for reading and sharing – you have no idea how good it feels!

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