And a date has been set: August 15th.



Okay, okay. I know, I know.

I’ve set dates before and they haven’t come to fruition.  But who can blame me?  I’ve had so many different ideas circulating the past few months that I haven’t even taken a breath long enough to get them down on paper.

But this one will stick.

August 15th.  It may seem like such a random date to you, but to me, it’s meant way much more than I’ve ever verbalized.  If it wasn’t for this date, my two ever-interesting characters, Brandon Greene and Natalie Chandler may not have ever met.  So while choosing a release date feels as important to me as picking a day to get married, I won’t dally any longer.

On August 15, 2013, Skin Like Dawn will be released to the masses.  It’s a long overdue (six years, actually) addition to my very first published novel, When You Come to Me.  She’s been lonely for the past six years, with a cliffhanger waiting to be concluded.

And speaking of conclusions…

I’ve decided to turn this whole saga into a trilogy…but more on that later 🙂

Rest your little souls, people.  August 15th will be here before you know it. I can’t wait to share it with the world.

In the interim, enjoy some novel lines here!

2 thoughts on “And a date has been set: August 15th.

  1. I hated the ending very sad. Brandon has to put up with Tally in another book very sad, I hate for me and him. But of course I wll be waiting for the third installment.

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