Why Should You Care About Jade Alyse?



Why Should You Care About Jade Alyse?

It’s National Novel Writing Month, and every author (independent and traditional) is fighting for the spotlight.  Why should you care to read anything written by little ole me?

  • Everything I’ve written has a song associated with it.  I have a large music library.  I’m very passionate about music.  I cannot write without it.  I listen to a song, envision the scene in my head and write it from there.
  • Interracial dynamics fascinate me.  The casts in my stories will never all be one race.  I, myself, thrive in an eclectic, racially diverse environment.  This is 2012; the reality is, whites will date blacks, have sex with them, marry them, have kids by them.  The state of California is creating a whole new race by itself.  America exists in a shade of gray.
  • My sauciest, most intense scenes come from drinking wine.  I think that one pretty much speaks for itself.
  • My heroines are bitches.  But they are bitches who have the capacity to love and be loved.  All too often I’ve read heroines or other leading women, who submit to their men no matter how controlling or crazy they are.  Nope.  Absolutely not.  My women will never submit to a man so easily.  The book would be over very quickly, no?

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