You Never Forget Your First…Find Out Why on May 4th…

And that’s an amazing thing to remember…

My novel, my baby, my love, When You Come to Me, not only highlights thrilling difficulties and blatant uncertainties of a first love, but it was my first completed novel.  It was a wealthy composite of the things and people I’ve held near and dear my entire life.

And, to be perfectly honest, my biggest fear in writing it was that people wouldn’t understand it or wouldn’t like it or wouldn’t read it.  I’m sure that’s one of the biggest obstacles that new authors face.

But once it was published, I was astonished at the reception I received, and how invested people felt in Brandon and Natalie’s story.

So it only makes sense that I continue my journey with this novel, in hopes of introducing as many new readers as possible.

With that I give you a new (and newly edited) iPad version with illustrations and fresher prose.

Absolutely free. 

Enjoy on 5/4/2012 and spread the word 🙂

CAN’T WAIT AND NEED A PREVIEW? Here you go: Preview

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