In Honor of Love, Read Two Chapters from When You Come to Me and Kiawah for Free :)

These two particular chapters are rather special to me, as they were literally written on location. No exaggeration.  In the chapter from When You Come to Me, it took place on a honeymoon in Nevis, and I was writing it, guess where I was…on the shore of Pinney’s Beach, typing away.

Although the chapter from Kiawah was not in Hawaii, guess where I typed it? Overlooking the beautiful cerulean Pacific Ocean on Maui.

Although it’s not a necessity, writing whilst being a part of nature does add extra spice to the sensation inside of you as you write.  There’s something about looking at palm trees swaying and the current rolling that sends a genuine thrill of inspiration soaring through you.

There’s no greater feeling.

Without further adieu, check out the two chapters below and pictures from my excursions.

I hope you have an amazing Valentine’s Day, guys 🙂

Jade Alyse 

DOWNLOAD When You Come to Me Chapter: Newlywed and Nevis

DOWNLOAD Kiawah Chapter: Twenty-Nine

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