Can’t Believe It’s Been ONE YEAR Since Kiawah Was Released! Have You Read It Yet?

Can't Believe It's Been ONE YEAR Since Kiawah Was Released! Have You Read It Yet?


Simply put, I love this story. I started it not too long after I graduated from college in 2008. I was lost, I was in love, and I was fighting for independence. So, marks Loren Soto’s origins. At face value, she’s a scorned bitch who’s having difficulty getting over the fact that her first love is in love with her childhood friend. Hell, at the very beginning of the novel she’s watching them get married. Yes, it’s a love story: but it’s one with some bite to it. While Loren and Nicholas’ decade-long love affair comes to an end, she must decide if she can start anew with a fresh-face musician who’s just returned to town from an inexplicable hiatus.

Without say too much, I encourage you all to read it at your leisure and absorb it.

Loren is a smart, witty girl and gravely misunderstood. Her sexuality, her cursing and her drinking make for an interesting heroine.

Interested?  Read some sample chapters below :)

Kiawah Excerpt | Twenty-Nine

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